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Since Wil Wheaton is blogging about bursa303.city  these days, I think he qualifies to play in the next poker bloggers tourney, right Iggy? I’m sure he’ll get on the ball and invite Wil to play with us. Ben Affleck is too cool for us lowly scum of the earth poker bloggers. But Wil seems like a cool guy. I hope he considers playing.

Well, I had Wil’s site linked up from my other blog. But I saw that Chris Halverson mentioned the link on his site. Wil’s an active blogger and an excellent writer specifically when he talks about his first No Limit tournament at a sketchy place in Hollyweird. Check out: Lying in Odessa Part I. Here’s a bit:

“You play poker, right?” my friend said to me a few weeks earlier, as we waited for the subway.

“Yeah. You have a game?” I said. I’ve been looking for something similar to The Tuesday Night Game ever since I read Big Deal.

“Sort of. You ever heard of the Odessa Room?”

I shook my head. “I’m spectacularly uncool, Shane, and I live in suburbia. What’s the Odessa Room?”

“It’s an honest-to-goodness speakeasy in Hollywood. Twice a month they have poker tournaments.”

And make sure you take a look at his second entry: Lying in Odessa Part II. Here’s a bit of that:

We play a few hands, but my cards are shit, and I don’t get into any pots. It’s okay, I’ll be patient. Stick to the plan.

For a game in Hollywood, there’s precious little, until Mr. Lawyer says to me, “Hey guy, aren’t you an actor?”

I hate that question, because I always have to answer, “I used to be.”

“Whaddaya mean, ‘used to be?'” Says the guy to my right. He’s a Webmaster from Long Beach who could have saved an hour on the freeway and played at the Bicycle, but I find out later that he comes here because he’s a starfucker.

“I haven’t done any acting in a long time. I’m a writer now.” This answer doesn’t seem to satisfy them, so I say, “I only act when something really great comes along.”

I think that Hdouble needs to give Wil some quick poker lessons.

Coach’s Corner: Nice Guys Finish Last…

Coach played in the final table of a local NYC WSoP satellite yesterday. He was one of seven and here’s what he sent me:

Out of the tournament on the second hand of the finals. I had A (Diamonds) and Q (spades). Flop was A (spade), J (Diamonds) and 10 (Diamonds). Two players with me. On a big bet from the big blind, I called with my A. The third player folded. The 9 (diamonds). Another big bet, which I called. Then the 7 (diamonds) hit. The big blind went all in. I thought about it for a few minutes, flipped over my cards for everyone to see, and then called. He had the 8 (diamonds).

Can’t say I don’t go out in style. I’m okay with it — for all of the three times I’ve caught 4 of a kind or a straight flush on the flop, something like this was bound to happen eventually.

Ouch, that really sucks. Burned by a straight flush. I was rooting for you. Better luck next time. Thanks for sharing. See ya on Monday.

Erratic Pauly

The last two weeks have been hectic for me with work and personal stuff going down. And I am not pleased to say that my poker play had suffered. Even my blogging has been spotty espeically this past week. My bankroll took a $300 hit in the last 2 weeks… and this is something I will address tomorrow in a new entry. If I had a terror warning color coded level alert… we’d be at bright fuckin’ red.

The good news is that I am done with writing projects for a few weeks, so I can come back strong and pay full attention to poker and get my bankroll back up for my trip to Vegas in April. My run will begin tomorrow night with a rematch with Swish at Ferrari’s Monday night game. On Tuesday, I’m driving up to Foxwoods with my brother and we’re meeting Senor who booked a room for Tuesday night.

Alas, tonight is the Oscars… and Haley’s having her annual Oscars party. I’m gonna be running a Oscars pool with her guests and I hope to collect bigtime making side bets. Yes, I will try to coax some of her intoxicated guests into playing a few hands of no limit hold’em. Struggling actors have tons of cash on hand… tip money from their jobs as bartenders and waitresses.

The Oscars are a huge event in Haleywood. To my dismay, I was given a choice by Haley earlier this week… wear a tux or shave. And guess what? My face feels as smooth as a baby’s butt! And now I don’t have to wear a monkey suit all night. I’m not a label whore and proud of it!

My favorite: Bill Murray… bet the farm on the guy. No way those old foggies at the Academy are going to vote for “a commie-pink-bastard like Sean Penn” for best actor.

Hopefully there won’t be any catfights like at Haley’s Golden Globes party. Stay tuned…

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