First Asia Pacific 안전놀이터Tour


The first ever Asia Pacific 안전놀이Tour kicked off on the 24th of August in Manila, the capital of the Philippines.  The total prize pool of $500,000 is to be shared among the more or less 200 players coming from 30 different countries.  The event is being held at the Hyatt Hotel and is set to end today, August 27.

According to Same Lightman,  organizer of the event, “”There has been a massive explosion in poker over the last 10 years.  Poker used to be associated with shady men in smoke filled rooms but that’s not the case any more. Televised poker and the Internet has changed all that.  Poker is a skills based sport based on mathematics and psychology.”

The region can thank PokerStars for bringing this tour to Asia.  PokerStars is an online poker site (which I am sure you know) with millions of players around the world.

Just one thing I noticed, though, it seems the locals were not really part of the Asia Pacific Poker Tour.  I have some friends in Manila who are avid poker players.  Actually, they play home games every weekend.  It didn’t seem that they were too excited about this big event, though.  In fact, none in their group joined nor even watched the events.  Does the $2500 buy in have anything to do with it?  I don’t know.  It is just a bit sad that people who are really passionate about poker cannot relate all that much to a big tournament like this one.

Pictures from the Final Table

When I took these pictures the mood in the tournament room was lively. People cheering, chanting,  Matusow losing $7500 in the stands playing Chinese Poker. Other pros seen playing from their leather chairs were Juanda, and Phil Hellmuth. Phil Gordon …

WAIT FOR THE RUSH Online Casino Malaysia


With nothing to do on Saturday night during my 12 day monthly sojourn to Sydney, I girded my loins and made for Sky City for a night of Online Casino Malaysia.

I arrived about 9:30pm to find the usual waiting list for a table, 40 or so deep for the 1/2 table and 12 deep for the 5/5 game. My plan was to go for the $200 fixed buy in the 5/5 game. Knowing there would be an inevitable wait, I bought a card for the electronic tables, which Star City now have cranked down to $50 buy in and $1/1 blinds.

The idea to offer lower stakes games I think is a good one. It encourages more walk-by punters to get into the game, and for me, if I copped a few bad beats, it meant I wasn’t going to damage my bankroll too much waiting for the live dealer game.

Unfortunately my $50 buy in lasted about ten minutes. Six hands into the table I have A J in the big blind. There is one or two callers, then a raise from mid position to $6. All fold to me, and I decide I have a good enough hand to defend the blind aggressively and make it $15 to go. The raise from mid position did not look strong to me, and I figure it likely I can take down the pot here.

One of the limpers from early position calls – a bit of a surprise, maybe he was slow playing Kings or Aces? The original raiser folds, as thought he might, and two of us see the flop.

The flop is 6 J 4.

I have top pair, top kicker, but I do suspect a slow played monster from my opponent. To find out …

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With hosts online such as Mike Sexton from the World Poker Tour TV series and his beautiful co. host Shane Hiatt, players are flocking to Party Poker in droves to grab themselves a slice of the great action.

Party Poker recently announced the launch of their Players Club and 5 Step Tournaments, unique features that enhance every poker players experience on their site. Alongside their huge Bad Beat Jackpot and some of the best tournament and cash game play around, the No.1 online poker room clearly aims to stay at the top of the charts for some time yet.

With a home game, you can always decide who you want to play and who you don’t. If you don’t know someone who wants to join your game, arrange to meet them somewhere else before they get into the event. Unless someone in your game vouches for a new player, they don’t play. Finally, don’t charge a fee or take a rake from the pot. That is where most of the arrests take place.

While the legalities of poker in some jurisdictions is not questionable, what may be is the extent that police are going to enforce those laws. It is the eminent right of people to conduct their lives as the wish. If people want to come …

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