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Scene from Thrill Seekers Slots


Playing slots online is always fun, but a big win is a real thrill, as Christelle B of France found out on December 2, 2009.  That’s the day she won €53,353 playing Thrill Seekers online at Titan Casino.


Thrill Seekers you could say is an oldie but a goodie, as the first Playtech video slot machine released (back in the day) that contains 50 paylines.


The theme of the Thrill Seekers slot game is amusement parks, with graphics such as Ferris wheels, circus tents, and roller coasters in the background.  The payline images include pictures of classic junk food often associated with a day at an amusement park.  The sound effects also reflect the amusement park theme.


In terms of pure play, this togel hongkongslot machine has five reels and two bonus features. The bonus modes are triggered when at least three bonus or scatter symbols are displayed on the reels. For example, three or more scatter symbols are needed to get the Free Spin bonus, while three or more bonus symbols are needed for the Super Hammer bonus.


That’s a lot of fun and excitement to be had.


So if you’re looking to recreate the thrill of a day at the amusement park, or a ride on a roller coaster from the comfort of your own home, you are certain to enjoy this progressive jackpot game.


Michael Schuchardt’s Personal Insight on the ECPokertour in Malta


Michael Schuchardt was happy to represent Titan Poker in Malta at the prestigious ECPokerTour in November. We provided him with the podium to say a few words about his overall experience.


I’d like to write about my personal impression of the ECPokerTour in Malta. Everything was organized really well (just like the ECPokerTour Salzburg). There were no long waiting periods, good dealers, masterful tournament directors and friendly Titan Poker representatives to help me with all my questions. It was fun competing against all those players from around the world and I got to know some of them away from the tournament tables.


After I had fought my way to the final table, the hardest period of the tournament started. I joined the final table with a very small stack and along with me at this table were dangerous players like Sorel Mizzi from Canada and Bo Sehlstedt from Sweden. I had managed to get myself among the top 3 when a crucial hand was played. On the button I went all-in with my small stack.  John Van de Bruggen, 2nd place in chip size, also went all-in, in order to chase Bo Sehlstedt who was the chip leader. Bo called however and all cards went into a show down. I had pocket 10, John pocket 6 and Bo AQ. This brought about the following situations: If I won and Bo got the side pot, I would definitely be in second place and in for heads up with Bo. If John would get the side pot Bo would have a small stack and the three of us would continue. I was leading pre flop. The flop brought A44 so Beau was leading, the turn, however, brought 10 which meant that I was leading und John was left without any chance to win. The river turned it all around with another ace and Bo Sehlstedt was the winner of the tournament. John van de Bruggen came in second place and me in third place.


Despite the ups and downs in the last hand I was really happy about the third place and I had a great time in Malta.


Best regards to the representatives of Titan Poker.





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