Player Profile: Taylor Caby

So far the players we’ve featured were offline pros. Let’s take a look at a very young man who is well known in the online agen slot online world as Green Plastic. So what do we know about Taylor Caby? He was born in 1983, studied Finance at the University of Illinois, and is known to be one of the best heads up players online. To gain a bit more insight into this young man, here are parts of an interview that PokerNews had with him. Enjoy!

Q: Where did your screen name Green Plastic come from?

Taylor Caby: In college, I really got into Radiohead. The song “Fake Plastic Trees” is one of my all time favorites, and Radiohead’s unofficial (now its semi-official) fan website was I used to go there all the time to check out stuff about the band. What’s kind of interesting was that my first and second choices for my name were also Radiohead songs, “No Surprises” and “Let Down,” which both were taken. I emailed UB customer support to have them add an account for me (I wasn’t sure if it was allowed) and gave them those three choices. The guy emailed me back and said Green Plastic was mine, and that he loved Radiohead too. In my opinion, all of these names would have been suitable, but I do find it funny how it just so happened that Green Plastic was available and will forever be my poker identity. Some of my friends call me GP now because they know it bugs me to be known as just some kid who plays online poker.

Q: Do you prefer virtual poker to the kind found in a brick and mortar establishment?

Taylor Caby: The reason I love playing online is that it is …

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